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About Us

We are your luxury and group travel concierge experts. We specialize in creating experiences one trip at a time. Our niche-based agents are passionate about what they do and the quality of customer service they provide to you. We love to say "No two trips are the same"  but the truth of the matter is they all have a common theme and that is "Quality over Quantity". So rest assured knowing that   Singh Tours Int'l — Is the best in class and we have the 5-star ratings to back it. 

Flora "Pink" Singh

Flora “Pink” Singh has traveled the world exploring exotic locations and researching diverse cultures. Her passion for travel and helping people globally has been the catalyst that propelled her into the hospitality industry.


For over a decade Flora has been coordinating travel packages for corporations, families, wedding parties, and Ministries both domestic and international. Flora’s passion went from a hobby to her full-time career. Within a couple of years, the business began to flourish, and Flora was setting up hubs for excursions in places like South Africa, Jamaica, Canada, and Paris.


In 2019 Flora decided to officially change the companies name from Flowcations Travel to Singh Tours Intl LLC. Under the new name, the company was able to expand into five states and has become a training ground for other young and aspiring travel agents.​


Singh Tours Int’l launched its transportation & concierge serves in Jamaica and has partnered with Travel agents to safely transport their clients visiting the island.


For us, it is all about providing quality service and spreading “One Love.” Our goal is to continue to foster strong relationships with our partners while stimulating economies, empowering young entrepreneurs, and helping people like you create, feel, and embrace your personal travel experience.

Favorite Travel Destination: hmmm that’s a good Question TBD
Travel Bucket List: ALL 7 Continents (So Far I have 3 More to Go) 
Favorite Food: Salmon 
Fun Fact: I have met the Fastest Man in the World can you Guess his Name?

Flora singh.jpeg

Meet The Team


Helen Anderson

Favorite Travel Destination: hmmm TBD
Travel Bucket List: Hawaii, Paris & Colorado 
Favorite Food: Seafood & Italian 
Fun Fact: When I retire, I want to travel the World

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-26 at 3.13.05 AM (1).jpeg

Derrick Pickett

Derrick “Credit/Travel Guru” Pickett   
Favorite Travel Destination: Jamaica 
Travel Bucket List: Dubai
Favorite Food: Oxtails
Fun Fact: I love getting massages EVERYDAY!


Nadine Spencer

Nadine “Shakara” Spencer 
Favorite Travel Destination: Any Sandals Property in Jamaica 
Travel Bucket List: EGYPT 
Favorite Food: Stew Peas & Shrimp Fried Rice 
Fun Fact: I am shortest person in my family

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-26 at 3.13.05 AM (4).jpeg

Tahisha Chambers

   Favorite Travel Destination: Jamaica 
Travel Bucket List: Maldives
Favorite Food: Ackee & salt fish and fried dumplings ❤️
Fun Fact: Every day God gives me breath it’s my birthday. Happy Birthday to me.

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-26 at 3.13.05 AM (2).jpeg

Jessica Powell

Jessica “JessiSimone” Powell   
Favorite Travel Destination: Montego Bay Jamaica
Travel Bucket List: Mexico, Paris, & Panama
Favorite Food: Bean & Saltfish, Ackee & Callaloo, Stew Peas
Fun Fact: Anything Adventurous 


Jill Mattocks

  Favorite Travel Destination: Africa, Amsterdam
Travel Bucket List: Australia & New Zealand 
Favorite Food: Seafood 
Fun Fact: Love laughter - can be extremely silly at times. Love adventure

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